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Note: This title was made nearly 10 years ago. While it has been released on Desura for two years previously it was encrypted making it annoying (but not impossible) to access under the hood of Peekaboo in RPG Maker VX.

This download does not have an encrypted game.rvproj file meaning anyone with RPG Maker VX can open it up in the editor to see the methods used to create the title. This might be useful for those wishing to learn RPG Maker VX or RPG Maker VX Ace since both eventing system are similar. I encourage you if you wish to look through as you might perhaps learn a trick or two to be more than creative in your eventing and do things you might of thought weren't possible.

Just do me a favor and don't upload Peekaboo elsewhere as your own work. That would just be rude.

And give credit to any script creators whose scripts I used in Peekaboo if you use them for your RPG Maker Project! Credit is given in the original game at the end.


Peekaboo is a psychological horror game lasting roughly 20-30 minutes or less. You play as James, a freelance journalist hired to go on out to the Halloway Mansion to write a ghost story. The last of the Halloway line has perished and so it would be quite a tabloid sort of affair! However the simple task is a bit more horrifying than initially intended. James finds himself able to die in 9 unique ways, through puzzle based game.


No pop out scares.

Custom sounds and soundtrack (some sound effects are royalty free, most are custom).

Hand drawn bloody graphics.

30 minutes or so in bite sized length (you can save of course at any time).

Install instructions

Extract the zip folder anywhere you'd like

Run Game.exe to play

Open Game.rvproj if you want to see under the hood (assuming you have RPG Maker VX, sold seperately)


peekaboox.zip 70 MB


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Pretty neat!


Peekaboo was made 9 years ago so considering that I'm impressed people still find it neat.  I was 15 years old at the time.